Professional Landscape Maintenance

Keeping your property looking picture perfect

NatureScape is dedicated to being the best value for every community we serve. Here is how we do it. 


Water is one of our most precious resources and NatureScape believes in conserving water by properly adjusting the timers, capping off unused emitters, and implementing the latest water conserving technology. NatureScape has a history of cutting water usage on our properties by over 15% while enhancing the appearance of the landscape.

Water saving technology has been the greatest improvement this industry has seen in the past several years. Modern sprinkler heads that we use saves 30-40% of your water while it also improves the health of your turf and plant materials. The new "smart" controllers collect weather data to optimize run times on your controllers. These controllers have saved communities up to 30% of their water. 

NatureScape is available to perform an assessment of your community to help you understand the potential for water savings.


NatureScape keeps you connected with ongoing communication through weekly property reports.

These reports are combined with a 38 point inspection that we use to grade our properties on a regular basis to help ensure your community always looks it’s best.